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From my Soul to Yours

Welcome to my sanctuary of soulful exploration, creative expression, and the transformative power of mandalas.

I'm Margo, a soul explorer, artist, author, and designer. For many years, I've been fascinated by the mysteries of the universe and the transformative power of mandalas. These sacred symbols have been my companions on the path of self-discovery, guiding me to deeper levels of understanding and connection. Now, I'm honored to share my experiences and insights with you.

In 2017, during a period of profound grief and transformative growth in my life, I discovered the enchanting world of mandalas. It was a time filled with challenges, yet also marked by quantum leaps in my journey of consciousness expansion. With pencil in hand, I began to sketch my first mandalas, infusing them with the delicate beauty of butterflies—symbols of transformation and resilience.

Coloring these intricate patterns became more than just a creative outlet; it became a profound practice of mindfulness and grounding. As I immersed myself in the mesmerizing designs, I found solace and peace amidst the storm of emotions. Mandalas became my companions, guiding me through the labyrinth of grief and helping me navigate the depths of my soul.

Through the soothing rhythm of coloring and drawing, I found a form of meditation that transcended words—a silent dialogue with the universe that brought clarity and healing to my wounded heart. I came to believe deeply in the therapeutic power of art, colors, and creativity to nurture the soul and promote holistic well-being.

In 2020, faced with another significant loss, I returned to the comforting embrace of mandalas. These intricate designs became my sanctuary once again, offering refuge as I navigated through the darkness. It was during this time that the idea for my first book, "Chakra Balancing Mandalas," took shape. Each mandala in the book carries the essence of healing and transformation, a testament to the power of art to illuminate the path to wholeness.

Simultaneously, astrology found its way into my life, offering new insights and wisdom to complement my journey with mandalas. As I delved deeper into the study of the stars and planets, I discovered a profound connection between the cosmic energies and the intricate patterns of mandalas—synchronicity that continues to inspire and guide me on my path of spiritual growth and self-discovery.


In "Chakra Balancing Mandalas Coloring Book and Guide," I invite you to embark on a soulful exploration of the seven main energy centers of the body—the chakras.

Drawing upon ancient teachings and modern insights, this workbook serves as a fundamental guide to understanding and harmonizing the subtle energies that flow within us. Each chapter explores a different chakra, providing a blend of wisdom, practical tools, and unique mandalas designed to awaken and align the energy centers.

As you journey through the pages of this book, you'll find yourself immersed in a world of color, symbolism, and self-reflection. Through the act of coloring mandalas, you'll not only engage your creative spirit but also deepen your connection to the innate wisdom of your body and soul.

But "Chakra Balancing Mandalas" is more than just a workbook—it's a gateway to profound self-awareness and empowerment. Within its pages, you'll discover affirmations designed to awaken each chakra, unlock its potential, and restore balance to your life.

Drawing upon my passion for art, psychology, and ancient wisdom, I've crafted this book as a labor of love—a testament to the transformative potential of self-awareness and the infinite beauty of the human soul. My hope is that it will inspire and empower you to embrace your true essence, navigate life's challenges with grace, and live a life of fulfillment and joy.

This book is printed on demand and is available on most Amazon marketplaces.
As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


I'm excited to share that I'm working on a series of coloring books designed to promote relaxation, creativity, and inner peace. The first book in this series, "Soothing Mandalas," invites you to immerse yourself in a world of beauty and tranquility inspired by the timeless art of mandalas.

With delicate lines and intricate patterns, each mandala in this book has been crafted with care and intention to soothe the soul and calm the mind. Drawing upon the meditative qualities of mandalas, "Soothing Mandalas" offers a sanctuary of serenity amidst the chaos of daily life.

But this book is more than just a collection of pretty pictures—it's a tool for transformation and healing. As you color each mandala, you'll find yourself entering a state of flow where worries melt away and creativity flourishes.

It's a therapeutic experience that nourishes the spirit and rejuvenates the soul.

I believe deeply in the power of coloring as a means of self-expression and healing. Through the simple act of coloring, we tap into our inner wisdom, release pent-up emotions, and connect with our true selves. "Soothing Mandalas" is a testament to the profound impact that creativity can have on our well-being, offering a gentle reminder to slow down, breathe, and embrace the beauty of the present moment.

My hope is that this coloring book will serve as a source of inspiration and comfort to all who use it, empowering them to embrace their creativity and find peace amidst the chaos of life. So pick up your favorite colors, let your imagination run wild, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing with "Soothing Mandalas."


This book is printed on demand and is available on most Amazon marketplaces. However, it is also available as a digital, printable version HERE.
As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to share my passion for mandalas, spirituality, and self-discovery with you, and I'm honored to hold space for your soul's exploration and growth. Whether you've been coloring mandalas for years or are just beginning to explore their beauty know that you are not alone. May the wisdom of mandalas and the magic of the cosmos continue to inspire and uplift you on your path to wholeness and transformation.


If you choose to purchase my books, I invite you to share your experience with me and others. Your feedback is invaluable and serves as a beacon of light for others on their path. Whether you choose to leave a review on Amazon or prefer to connect with me directly, your words hold the power to inspire and uplift others on their journey of self-discovery.
As a token of my appreciation, I offer a printable version of my first mandalas infused with butterflies to those who generously share their thoughts and reflections. To receive it, you can contact me HERE.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my work.

Much love 💜 Margo

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