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Violet galaxy and sparkling stars


PDF Galactic Astro chart + 60 min video call + video call recording

Service Description

Welcome to the Galactic Heritage Reading, where we embark on an interstellar journey to uncover the cosmic story of your soul. In preparation for our session, I dive into your natal astrology charts, exploring the galactic alignments present at the moment of your birth. I also tune into Akashic Records, and based on that, I create a PDF presentation with the most relevant information that will be helpful on your consciousness expansion journey. It takes up to six hours to complete this process. During our 60-minute video call, I will walk you through the information I have gathered. Together, we will look into places, star systems, and galaxies that have left their mark on your soul's path and how those experiences might be shaping your present reality. From ancient eras to recent incarnations, we will explore the cosmic connections supporting your earthly mission. There will be time to talk about my findings. Who is it for? • For those eager to dive deep into the mysteries of their soul's journey and the celestial forces shaping their path. • For those who wish to confirm which galactic beings they have connections with. • For individuals feeling drawn to embark on a journey of self-discovery and embrace the cosmic wisdom of their galactic heritage.

  • 1 h
  • 222 euros
  • Online
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