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PDF presentation + 90 min video call + video call recording

Service Description

Welcome to Quantum Soul Guidance Consultation, where we embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual alignment. In preparation for our session, I will study your natal astrology charts and explore the Akashic Records for profound insights into your soul's story. I will tune into the ether, the quantum field that surrounds us, to download the information that is potentially the most healing and relevant to your soul's evolution. Based on that, I create a personalized PDF presentation revealing the hues of your soul's essence, introducing your spiritual guides, shedding light on the balance of your chakras, the state of your karmic connections, and more. It takes up to eight hours to complete this process. The next step is our 90-minute video call, recorded for your convenience, allowing you to revisit our soulful exchange whenever you wish. Together, we will explore the facets of your quantum soul, uncovering the purpose and potential woven into your being. You will gain a better understanding of your soul’s mission or development path if you will. At this stage, I will also share what I learned about that specific aspect of your experience that you asked me to look into on the Essential Details Form (you will be asked to fill it in during the booking process). There will be time to discuss my findings. My intention for this session is to paint a vivid quantum image of your soul’s mission and expansion process. Then, you can tap into this knowledge and make decisions from that higher multidimensional wisdom perspective.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 333 euros
  • Online
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